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Corporate Training

Corporate Training

EMINENCE INC LIMITED knows the importance of continuously training IT staff (Human Capital) to keep them abreast with advancements in technology and boost digital experience with personalized development.

For small businesses with single or tiny IT teams, the cost of re-training IT staff (Re-investment in human capital) can be very high. EMINENCE INC LIMITED helps these firms control their costs while attaining their goal of adding to the skills of in-house employees (IT personnel), by providing online (& personal) training. An extremely popular service in EMINENCE INC LIMITED, the online training is provided across Testing Tools (manual and automation have driven), WebLogic and SOA administration as well as JBoss Administration and many latest languages. Our continues strive to gain insight into software usage and productivity in employee overall productivity.

EMINENCE INC LTD Inc, with these training programs, enables small companies to continuously add to the qualifications of their small IT force, helping them get the most of their human resource potential and giving the personnel incentives to stay on for longer periods of time.

  • Testing Tools
  • Weblogic & SOA administration
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Project Management
  • Artificial intelligence